Welcome to AWH where you are provided health check service at our special home. We believe in deliver the heath in your hands with health check design for you and your beloved one all the time, you can select the required service such as, home health check or the collection set or take services at the nearby clinic comfortably “Discover the power of health that fit you by yourself.”

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In the present, we found the rapid change of the world that is followed by less health attention due to flexible work schedule and the messy lifestyle. At AWH we understand the importance of frequent health check and the mentioned necessity of facilitation is the reason of our mission that is “to make an easy access of health care without complication


Private is the privacy of service and is confidential without sending data to insurance company.


Always has a consulting and recommending service

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On time of the health check result to apply for treatment


Sexually transmitted disease testing service

Risk sexually transmitted disease checking service at AWH for sexual comfort with your beloved one as well as taking a proper treatment and on time.

Who is this suitable for?

you may take risk from the sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria, fungus, parasite or virus

if you’re facing these following symptoms

  • there is fluid or pus flows from the penis.
  • burning sensation when urinating
  • There are red bumps or rashes on the genitals.
  • Itching of the genitals
  • More vaginal discharge than usual It smells fishy
  • Have sores, warts, or skin tags on the genitals
  • Weight loss, continuous diarrhea for no apparent reason

“health check for the correct treatment and on time”

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HPV check service; the reason of cervical cancer and genital warts

HPV check service at AWH. Check first, know first and prevent the cancer

HPV check for 32 species

Detect even a small germ that makes fast treatment

Use the certified CE mark to the test

who is this suitable for?

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Non Invasive Prenatal Screening

What is NIPS?)

Non Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS)

  • Able to screen for common genetic disorders, up to 15 syndromes
  • Able to determine the gender of the fetus accurately. Amniocentesis or piece of placenta collection aren’t required. So, it is the easy method.
  • No risk of miscarriage. So, it is safe to fetus the test has 99.99% accuracy
  • 10 weeks pregnant on ward could be tested
  • The test could be done both in the case of single pregnancy, twin pregnancy
  • Pregnancy receiving egg cell donation
  • IVF pregnancy/surrogacy
  • NIPS result report is required within 7 days
  • Home blood collection service available

What is this suitable for?)


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